Antique Wooden Rocking Chairs

 antique wooden rocking chairs

This "Antique Wooden Rocking Chairs" graphic has 10 dominated colors, which include Dusky, Ash Hollow, Tea Time, Sunny Pavement, Cape Palliser, Weathered Leather, Tamarind, Bavarian Sweet Mustard, Chinese Black, Air of Mint. It makes so beautiful color combination inspired from this image.

#c0a8a8rgb (192, 168, 168)Dusky
#a89090rgb (168, 144, 144)Ash Hollow
#d8c0c0rgb (216, 192, 192)Tea Time
#d8d8d8rgb (216, 216, 216)Sunny Pavement
#784830rgb (120, 72, 48)Cape Palliser
#906048rgb (144, 96, 72)Weathered Leather
#301818rgb (48, 24, 24)Tamarind
#483018rgb (72, 48, 24)Bavarian Sweet Mustard
#181800rgb (24, 24, 0)Chinese Black
#d8f0f0rgb (216, 240, 240)Air of Mint

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