If you’re planning to decorate your home you want to make sure that you have the right color palette to make it really pop. But how do you decide on just what that perfect color combination for home is? Well, it’s going to depend on your personal style, and maybe a little on some of the hottest trends right now by using appropriate color name finder.

Choose Something You Love
Do you already have a piece in your home that you absolutely love? Maybe it’s the couch, or a rug or even a lamp. It’s perfectly okay to base your entire color scheme around one thing that you really like. You just have to decide whether that’s going to be your main color, an accent color, or if it embodies all the colors you’re going to pull from.

Look at the Color Wheel
The color wheel, is something that artists use when they’re creating pieces. For you, it’s a great thing to look at because you can see which colors compliment one another and which ones tend to clash. In general, if two colors are right next to each other then they compliment. On the other hand if they’re across from each other they tend to clash.

Don’t Dominate Too Much
You want to represent your primary/dominant color within your home. But when you’re looking for that color combination for home you don’t want to overwhelm. After all, that main color is generally going to be more bold. So, keep it to about 60% of your color scheme and then add in an accent color that represents 30% and one that represents 10%.

Pump Up Your Smaller Areas
If you have a small area that you use as your bar or as a study area for the kids or a special space for your pets or even if you have a small room you want to make it pop. Paint it a bold color or add a large piece that’s bold in color. The color palette in these spaces should definitely highlight the area and make people gravitate toward it.

Keep it Simple
Three colors is generally the best way to go when it comes to your color palette. If you get too many more colors you start to look a little messy. Too few colors and it looks monochromatic (which can work if you’re careful about it). For those who have difficulty paring it down, choose one main color and you can switch the accent colors in different rooms of the house.

Pick Your Favorite
Do you have a favorite color? If you do that might be a great place to start when you’re choosing your primary color for your home using color picker. On the other hand, some people prefer not to overwhelm with their favorite color and you may want to turn that color into your accent color instead. This will still give you plenty of that color, but not an overwhelming amount.

Decking Your House
Make sure that you pay close attention to what each of your rooms need to accomplish for you. The best color combination for home is going to make the most of the space and the function that you need for it. A bold color palette isn’t such a good idea for a room you want to sleep in, for example.

What Goes on the Walls?
When it comes to actually painting the walls you want to make sure that you make it all flow. Pick one of the colors that you’re using in your set of three. It could be the primary color (where your walls would be almost the only thing that color) or it could be one of the accent colors. Just make sure you’re pushing yourself at least a little bit on your walls.

Don’t Get Boring
Don’t feel like you have to keep your walls a totally natural color. Instead, branch out a bit and start using a completely different color for your walls. Whether you want to go really bold or not is up to you, but don’t spend all your time decking out the rest of the house and completely ignore the color you put up. You definitely won’t do yourself any favors that way.

Use the Suggestions
When you go to stores that sell paint you will generally see options that you can use. You can pick out a single color and get suggestions of the different colors that go with it, which is great if you’re not quite sure where to go or how to start creating a full color palette and use the power of color at home.

No matter how big your house or what you like best about different color schemes, you can create something with color design ideas you can found here.

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